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Hi everybody! I just want to tell you that you can hear one of my first songs now!
It is called "Spin Fusion", is produced by my old nickname "Xane" and was the first real track i've done with FL Studio ever! It is surely no highlight, but i personally think it isn't THAT bad...

It would be nice if you could leave some comments so that i know what to do better next time. I was thinking to do the song again anyway...

Just listen to it! And please dont forget the voting! i respect even worse votings, it shows me that i have to work harder =)

-Strangewaver XL

Hi fellas! I just want to say Hi to everybody! My name is Strangewaver XL and i'm a new member of NG! I'm looking forward to having much fun while i'm here. Maybe i meet some interesting people around here. Let me tell you something about my favourite kind of music: Electronica!

I just love the sound of electric music like trance, dance or some housetunes! i just started being a little "producer" by myself, and i have to say: "it is working!".
Yeah sure, the first songs aren't really "hits" or something, but i try my best! First of all, it is just for fun! i dont say that i am a good DJ, and i would never say this ever! I hope to learn a lot more about music from all the other producers around here, and it would be a pleasure if some people want to get contact with me (damn bad bad english.... ;) )

Enough of talking, lets keep doing!

Best of luck and fun wishes

-Strangewaver XL