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Entry #1

Hi everyone. glad to be here!

2007-12-25 22:49:23 by CJ-Strangewaver-XL

Hi fellas! I just want to say Hi to everybody! My name is Strangewaver XL and i'm a new member of NG! I'm looking forward to having much fun while i'm here. Maybe i meet some interesting people around here. Let me tell you something about my favourite kind of music: Electronica!

I just love the sound of electric music like trance, dance or some housetunes! i just started being a little "producer" by myself, and i have to say: "it is working!".
Yeah sure, the first songs aren't really "hits" or something, but i try my best! First of all, it is just for fun! i dont say that i am a good DJ, and i would never say this ever! I hope to learn a lot more about music from all the other producers around here, and it would be a pleasure if some people want to get contact with me (damn bad bad english.... ;) )

Enough of talking, lets keep doing!

Best of luck and fun wishes

-Strangewaver XL


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